Welcome to Slots Demo

Welcome To Slots Demo

Slots Demo is the site where you can find free slots demos to play right now with my personal reviews. On that note, I want to introduce myself and say what I do and why this site.  

Last Slots Demo and Reviews

Here is the section that most likely you would enjoy more of the website. It's the section where i write reviews about slots and where you can find the demo of the slot itself. I want to add 3-4 slots a weeks chosen from my guts and ideas, and based on my experience. Let me know if you enjoy the slots and i hope you appreciate the effort. Let's begin with:

Slots ranking

Here is the section where you can find links to my personal rankings, related to slots. You will find rankings based on slots I have already written the review of. As I add new slots I will also update the rankings.

Best Slots for bonus wagers

Semi-Pro Slots Player...  

I've been a slots player since 2016, and I live in a place where there are land based casinos, which I have frequented for quite some time. I've tried so many websites, especially during the time when I was self-excluded and the urge to play would push me to visit another site where I wasn't self excluded. I've been seeing and knowing streamers and players for a long time now and I've acquired a knowledge of casinos and slots that drives me to write and do knowledge sharing about casinos and slots, to write and do knowledge sharing on the subject. I work and, have worked, for gaming / gambling companies since 2016, and living in Malta, I constantly breath these situations deeply everyday.  

What will you find on the site? 

You will find in addition to the features of the slots, demo slots, probably broken down by provider, with tricks, if I know any, with average RTP, casinos that have these slots, graphics, information and everything that can be useful to players like us, clearly depends on the importance of the content and its relevance.  

How many slots will you find on the site? 

For the sake of clarity I tell you that I will not add hundreds of slots right away, but I will proceed step by step to give you better information than you can find in a simple online slots hub. If you are interested in a site where you can get 3000 slots right away, I recommend another site of mine:

But keep in mind that here you can find more useful information and reviews, while the other is simply a container of slots.  

Slots Demo it's right now in 2 different languages. 

Since I'm sharing information anyway, I want to try to keep you updated in 2 main languages: Italian and English.As for the English section, you can find the demos at As for the Italian version you will find everything at

Do I gain anything by doing this?  

My idea on the site is to give you the best information and, in the meantime, invite you to play earning with casino affiliations. This is to be honest with you, but also to tell you that I will put only casinos with licenses very restrictive licenses and, above all, that I know well. I don't promote scam or uninteresting sites. If I have never tried them, or if I know that they are bad casino sites, they will not be linked. I invite you in any case to read the terms and conditions of each one. In general I will link them to you in the toplists.  

Always play responsibly.  

One very important thing, always play with your head. Just to give you my example, right now I am self excluded on a few sites. I do it to take a break, and even though the urge to play sometimes is incredible, I keep myself busy with other things. Rather, although I know it's not the same, play the demos, or find a hobby that keeps your head busy.

Playing responsible is always too important, remember that your life is at stake. Don't hurt yourself over nothing, and seek support rather, both physical and psychological.  

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