Bonanza Demo

Bonanza Demo

Certainly not a new slot, but it deserves, for my part, a place of honour in the slots universe. 

An absolute novelty when It was released

Bonanza was an incredible novelty when it came out, because it used the megaways scheme. There was nothing like it yet, the slots were really classic, and this feature definitely made the slot something innovative, and I remember almost everyone started playing it in a big way. 

The megaways are and were a very strange way, at the beginning, to connect, because instead of connecting by lines they connected by ways, and moreover, the ways were, and are, always dynamic. 

You can then have spin that is from 200 ways up to 117000 ways of connecting and paying. 

Big Time Gaming great innovator in this sense

Big Time Gaming has been an absolute innovator in the field of slots, and a pioneer of some features I would say, just think of titles such as Extra Chilli which, to this day, remains one of my favourite slots from this pioneering provider. 

Taking the bonus on this slot is not easy at all

I did some testing myself, the bonus can be really easy to take as well as, really really hard. I am not joking when I tell you that before I got a bonus I spent something like 800 spins. One of the things I don't like at all, by the way, is the fact that you have to have at least 4 scatters to trigger the bonus, which consist of the words "GOLD". The most I managed to get myself was 22 spins, which paid out, in that case, about 300x times the bet. 

My max win

Granted that I played there a lot, and I still play there, my personal max win was 1060 euros with a bet of 0.60 euros, or almost 2000x times the bet, with an almost full screen of Aces in the bonus. The cool thing about the bonus is that the multiplier increases every spin, so you can reach, at a very theoretical level, infinite multipliers. 

I have seen a payout of 17,000x times the bet, which definitely puts it in the medium/high volatility slots. 

Reels: 6
Rows: 117.649 Megaways Max
RTP: about 96%
Max Win: Potentially infinite - Around 20.000x estimate
Volatility: Medium High

Bonanza Paytable

Here is the Bonanza paytable, where you can find all the information about the payouts of the various symbols. 

Paytable Bonanza 1

Paytable Bonanza 2

Faq Section

Here the section dedicated to this amazing slot by Big Time Gaming. You can find as usual the common question and answers related to Bonanza Megaways.

Is it Bonanza Megaways and Bonanza Megapays the same?

No, Bonanza Megapays is really similar, but it adds some jackpot features that you can triggers, whilst Bonanza Megaways is the ancestor without jackpots feature.

Which is the RTP of Bonanza?

The common RTP of Bonanza is 96% on many different casinos, even though it can vary depending on deals.

Does Bonanza pays per line?

No, Bonanza pays per Megaways. Each reel alone or with a cart can have up to 7 symbols. Each spin can have up to 117649 Megaways to win.

Which is the Max bet on Bonanza Megaways?

It depends on Casino, but usually is 20 Euro / $ bet.

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