Book of Dead: Slot Demo + Review

Book Of Dead: Slot Demo + Review

Let's say that Book of Dead is one of the most famous and classic slots, so that almost all online casinos have chosen it for the various welcome bonuses and free spins. It is one of the slots that I consider for all categories of players, both beginner and expert for its ease and understanding, and for a paytable to consider.

My personal best win on this slot.

You've known me for a while if you read my articles and you know I don't lie, and I will tell you that despite trying several times to chase the 5 explorers in the bonus, I have never succeeded. In fact, to be honest, I have never even managed to get 4, which is strange, since on other slots less emblazoned, I have always succeeded. My personal bests, however, are still very respectable, since I managed 2 times to get a full screen of the third best symbol, the phoenix. A full screen that paid, only for that single spin, 750x times the bet. When i played, i was playing 1 euro bet, for a total bonus of around 800 euro win, including the trigger of the bonus. 

One of the many book slots, but still, one of my favorites.

Nowadays to talk about Book of Dead, perhaps it turns out to be a bit 'cringe, boomer and old-fashioned. But the reason why I'm talking about it is that, despite the earlier stuff, the slot was a precursor to the thousand book slots of other providers as well. Obviously the first book slot was Novomatic's, but on the subject of restyling/reskinning I have to say that Play'n'go has done an excellent job, and the slot, there's little you can do about it, is really enjoyable.  

Full screen explorers, perhaps more a legend than a myth

I tried so many times to get the max win on this slot, which I remember, is 5000x times the bet, with a full screen explorers, but it is virtually impossible. I'm not saying it really is, but between me and streamers who play it every day, I've never seen it. Rumor has it, 1 person a day succeeds, but honestly, I've never met any. 

It is not the best slot to make wagers, but more as a filler between slots.

If you need a slot to make wagers, I don't recommend it. When it's cold it's really ice cold. It may be fine for looking for some quick bonuses, but if you need to make wagers I recommend much more suitable slots, like Bonanza or other megaways. I will talk about it in other sections of the site. 


Reels: 5
Rows: 3
RTP: 94.2%-96.60% depending on the casino
Max Win: More than 5,000x
Volatility: Medium

Book of Dead Paytable

Paytable Bookofdead 1

Paytable Bookofdead 2


Here the Faq Section related to Book of Dead where you can find all answers to your questions. 

Which is the max payout / win of Book Of Dead Slot?

Max Win possible is something over 5,000x, because the full screen of the best symbol in the bonus is 5,000x.

How many free spins you get from the bonus in Book of Dead?

You can get 10 spins plus retriggers. The retriggers you can get with additional 3 books symbols or more.

Which is the best symbol in Book of Dead Slot?

The Best Symbol is the Explorer, something that is really familiar to slot players.

Which is the second best symbol in Book of Dead Slot?

The second best symbol is the Pharaoh, that can pay 2,000x times the bet for a full screen.

Which is the game provider that made Book of Dead?

Play'n'go is the amazing provider that created Book of Dead.

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