Money Train 2 Slot Demo + Review

Money Train 2 Slot Demo + Review

Absolutely one of my favorite titles, a slot that can pay so much, as usual I speak from experience, and really well done. A title of Relax Gaming really well made in my opinion. 

Up to 50,000x times the stake

There are slots that promise max win insane, I make for example the case of some titles Pragmatic as Extra Juicy that promise 180,000 the max win but I've never seen one in the world. Then there are slots like this one from Relax, where not only is the max win possible, but where I have seen several times winnings of 10,000x times the stake up to 30,000x times the stake. 

My biggest win

You know in the gambling world there are bad days and really good days. My best experience with this slot was a day where within a little less than half an hour, I triggered 2 bonuses that paid out respectively: 1400x times the bet and 800x times the bet. A very rich and satisfying day as I personally like this slot very much. 

Bonus is super hype, especially with the persistent symbols

At first I was a bit wary of the bonus mode, because I have never been a coin drop lover. I had to change my mind with this slot. I don't know why, but the bonus is really cool. Probably because of the different possibilities of having special symbols such as the collectors, which double the winnings of the board, the payer that adds a value to all symbols present up to my favorite which is the mythical payer collector that, first collects the values of all symbols on the board, and then shoots out to all symbols the total value. A real treat. 

Then there are also persistent symbols like the collector and payer, which at each spin in the bonus add or collect win. There are 3 spins in the bonus that reset every time you get a new symbol on the board, or until you get full screen, which is a bit rare, but can pay 500x times the stake. 

Very nice slot graphically speaking

I know that for many players is not an important factor, I myself am a Novomatic player, and we all know that Novos as well as Merkur are not the most aesthetically pleasing slots, also because they are quite dated. But I must say that this, in particular, is one of the slots that I like, both from the point of view of fluidity and graphics. I believe that the developers of Relax have done a great job, and for me, it is one of the most enjoyable slots to play. 


Paytable Money Train 2 1

Paytable Money Train 2 2

Bonus not very easy to trigger

It is a very strange slot, because in some cases it can trigger one bonus after another, and in other cases it takes hundreds of spins. If you are a bonus hunter, I can already tell you that you can spend a lot before triggering a bonus, so be careful because it is a moment that you find yourself with the balance at 0. 

Faq Money Train

Let's answer a few questions for those interested in this slot. 

Can I buy the bonus on Money Train 2?

Yes, there is the function to be able to buy the bonus. It is not available in every country in the world, but in principle it is available.

What is the maximum payout / max win possible on Money Train 2?

The max win on Money Train 2 is 50,000x times the bet.

How do I trigger the bonus on Money Train 2?

The bonus is triggered by 3 bonus symbols. Persistent symbols in the base game also substitute for the bonus symbols. For example, you can trigger the bonus with 2 bonus symbols and a persistent symbol.

What is the provider that built Money Train 2?

The name of the provider is Relax Gaming, definitely one of my favorites.

What RTP does Money Train 2 have?

This slot has an RTP of about 96%, which is pretty good. Consider that if you buy the bonus, the RTP is slightly higher, about 98%. This makes the bonus buy attractive.

How Many Paylines does Money Train 2 hold?

This slot has 40 paylines.

How much the Money Train 2 bonus buy costs?

Bonus buy costs 100x times the bet.

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