Reactoonz Demo

Reactoonz Demo

Reactoonz is, for sure, one of my favorite games. Among the slots is one of those I prefer even if, to tell the truth, does not have a high max win, so I put it in the sector of the slots "chill", but I warn you: it can pay very well anyway. 

Some people relate it to Energoonz but...

Many associate the slots with Energoonz, or at least, they say it is its ancestor. I disagree, Reactoonz when it was released was and incredible find. I remember so many online, even streamers, started playing it massively as I did. 

Not an incredible max win but...

Apparently the max win of Reactoonz they say is about 4800x times the bet, even if, it seems very strange to me since Garga for 2 pays 1500x with the best symbol, that is the purple one. I therefore consider it a rather chill gameplay, which does not require much adrenaline, but that can really give emotions, because being the volatility a bit lower, it is much more fun even in the short / medium gameplay. 

My winnings - the highest. 

As usual I bring my experience on this site, very personal. So I do not judge others, but always myself. I had 2 very high winnings, both when, alas, I had to recover the balance. The one I remember most was a win at 0.60 euro the bet, and win of 750x times the bet with 17 purple symbols and Garga! Big enjoyment.

Little tricks that works often in my opinion.

I have noticed some little patterns on this slot, especially 2. If it gives you the bonus, i.e. Gargatoon once, it usually tends to give it back to you several times in the same session. I got Garga as many as 3 times within 50 spins! So be very careful how it behaves after it gives you a bonus. Second thing... I noticed that my biggest winnings (in the order of 750x times the stake) were on the bet of 0.60 euros. If I bet 1 euro or less I got nothing. So keep an eye on the bet, and don't overdo it. 

Perfect slot for streamers. 

Besides being a great slot for people in general, this slot is also perfect for streamers. The reason? Since there's no real bonus that interrupts the spins, you can let it go and the Garga feature won't interrupt the animation or gameplay. 


Reels: 7x7 Grid - pays in cluster of 5 and more
RTP: 94.5%-96.50%
Max Win: 1,500x
Volatility: Medium/High

Reactoonz Paytable

Below is the paytable of the legendary Reactoonz, with everything you need. As a reference keep in mind 1 euro / $ bet. 

Paytable Reactoonz

Reactoonz Faq

Here the section dedicated to the Reactoonz Faq, where you can find answers to the most popular questions. 

Is it Reactoonz and Reactoonz 2 the same game?

No, Reactoonz 2 is the sequel of the lucky release of Reactoonz.

What is the provider of Reactoonz? Is it a reliable provider?

The provider of Reactoonz is Play'n'go, one of the best and known provider in the casino industry.

Which games are worth mentioning besides Reactoonz that are good alternatives?

Some of the game i really enjoy from the same provider are: Honey Rush, Rise of Merlin, Book of Dead and Moon princess 100

How Big is Gargantoon?

Gargantoon the first time shows up in the game is 3x3 grid big and it acts as a wild.

How do you get the bonus or the Gargantoon?

Quantum Leap is the answer. Charges up when winning. A random Quantum feature is added to the queue after winning on 25 symbols. Up to 4 quantum features can be queued. The fifth time you will get Gargantoon!

What is Reactoonz Max Potential?

Despite many website says is more than 4,000x, the most realistic potential is around 1,500x the bet. This is due to Garga paying 750x the bet for the best Symbol, the purple alien, with 15+ symbols.

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